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Leave everything to us about Japanese tea.
We send the delicious Japanese tea which is healing of the heart and kind to your body.
We send it from Shiga Pref. With Japanese biggest Lake Biwa.

In Shiga said to be a birthplace of Japanese green tea business, "The Oumi Tsuchiyama tea" is proud of the prefecture's best cultivation area and amount of production.

The Shiga "Oumi Tsuchiyama tea" was blessed with rich nature of Oumi Tsuchiyama and was brought up by the long history. Recently the effective ingredients of the tea are founded, and various expectation is put to the green tea.
The spirit of "七転茶起" has been continued since the founder Mr. Yonekichi Yoshinaga established is 1902. We will make every effort to have all you drink aromatic and deeper flavor Oumi Tsuchiyama tea.

Enjoy your happy tea time.

President and Chief Executive Officer Kenji Yoshinaga

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We have been in business for over 100 years manufacturing and selling Japanese teas.
We are located in the center of Japan in Shiga prefecture which is next to Kyoto.
We have the capacity to refrigerate and store 300 tons and so we can ensure the
quality of unprocessed tea throughout the year.
We can process any kind of Japanese tea such as Green tea, Hoji tea(roasted tea),
Gyokuro tea and we produce tea bags.
Our Houji tea’s(Roasted tea’s) facilities and technology are top class even in Japan.


Maruyoshi-oumicha Co.,Ltd

Address2723 Ono, Tsuchiyama, Kouka City, Shiga Pref 528-0235, JPN.
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